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Stay Ahead Of The Trends With Mobile Segmentation

BY: Nguyen-Ngoan  |   July 21, 2018
Customer Segment
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It is no surprise that the use of a mobile device throughout an individual’s day-to-day activities is rapidly increasing. 68% of mobile users prefer to use their smartphones within the walls of their home, even when they can easily access a larger screen to accomplish their digital tasks. Mobile is now a vital tool in understanding purchase behavior and user habits. As a marketer, you need to stay one step ahead of these trends and utilize mobile segmentation based on where users are engaging.

Mobile Segmentation Defined

Mobile segmentation is the process of dividing up a company’s customer base into segments based on relevant, marketable mobile actions. These mobile propensities include mobile app downloads, mobile shopping habits, and social activity within apps. By segmenting targetable consumers based on these actions, a marketer can more easily and successfully deliver a campaign with pertinent information for the user.

Benefits of Mobile Segmentation

Mobile segmentation allows marketers to target consumers based on a variety of aspects that would otherwise be unattainable (or less attainable) without consideration of the consumers’ mobile media preferences. Some benefits of mobile segmentation include:

  • Monitoring consumer habits: Mobile consumer behaviors, such as app downloads and usage or purchasing habits, can be monitored through consumers’ mobile devices.
  • Geotargeting: Geotargeting can also be enhanced because marketers can pinpoint users’ exact locations through smartphones, and in turn, allow marketers to serve them with region-relevant advertisement campaigns.
  • Enhancing user profiles: Marketers can also add mobile consumer behavior data to build comprehensive, individualized user profiles. The mobile segmentation benefits are limitless, and will only continue to grow as the mobile trend increases.

Suggested Mobile Segments

Standard segmentation practices include accumulated behavioral, geographic and psychographic information. Take your campaign one step further with mobile segmentation.

Segmenting your target audience based on their mobile behaviors deepens the insight you have into each of your consumers. Marketers need to keep in mind that the mobile user experience is unique for each individual. Understanding the mobile tendencies of your target audience is essential in order to create and deliver effective mobile marketing campaigns.

Consumers may hold a variety of mobile engagement habits. Some individuals may prefer “on-the-go” consumption when it comes to mobile media. These people will typically prefer short interactions with media throughout the day, have busy work days or prefer not to spend too much time looking at screens.

Other users may have a stronger propensity to interact on mobile devices for longer periods of time. These people may be utilizing their mobile apps for social interaction or to pass time on media platforms.

Utilizing mobile segmentation to identify these types of users will allow you to better serve a marketing campaign to suit their preferences and increase the success of driving sales.

Mobile Segmentation Strategies

It is clear that mobile segmentation could enhance a company’s marketing initiatives, so how do you go about collecting this vital information?

First and foremost, identify each target consumer’s unique mobile device ID by integrating an SDK into your marketing database. Having this tool will open up a world of possibilities for your marketing campaigns. Once your data is integrated with an SDK and verified users are identified, you can track consumer behaviors and utilize mobile segmentation to enhance your campaign.

Behavioral Targeting in the Mobile World

Mobile marketing gets you in touch with an audience that encompasses 64 percent of U.S. adults, whether they’re at home, work or out for a fun night on the town. You can reach potential customers at critical stages of the buyer’s journey, such as when they’re actively looking for a solution to their problem or trying to find the best place to purchase a product. However, you need a way to get your marketing messages in front of your target audience. That’s where behavioral targeting comes in. Mobile behavioral targeting examines a consumer’s mobile activity to gain valuable insights into their demographics, interests and potential purchasing decisions.

The Benefits of Mobile Behavioral Targeting

Your prospective buyers encounter many marketing messages every day on their mobile devices, so you need a way to catch their fleeting attention. Presenting a relevant and customized message for specific mobile audiences helps you increase your chances of cutting through the noise and attracting the right buyers. Since only 24 percent of marketers leverage behavioral targeting in their campaigns, you’ll have a competitive advantage.

You’re only going after the most likely consumers instead of a broad audience, so you improve your marketing ROI through increased relevancy. You can also customize your messages for specific audience segments to continue to improve response rates. You may not get the same amount of impressions when you’re going after specific mobile audience segments, but your clicks and conversions improve since these consumers have an interest in your products or services.

Your customer acquisition strategies don’t waste time and resources on mobile users outside of your target audience. You can also improve brand awareness in specific demographics, whether you’re testing a new product or seeking an expanded market reach. If your mobile marketing campaign goal is generating app installs, behavioral data lets you pinpoint users of similar apps and those with mobile activity who would benefit from your app.

Behavioral Data Types

Data intelligence providers collect many data types from mobile users. You may focus on specific behavioral patterns commonly seen in your current customer base or demographics particularly interested in your offers. Mobile app data and mobile device indicators give you the opportunity for audience targeting across three main categories: in-market, lifestyle and interests, and life stages.

In-market behavioral data sorts mobile users into specific industries, such as retail shoppers or insurance seekers. You find consumers with a strong purchase intent. By targeting these mobile shoppers, you reach them at a critical stage in their buying journey. Lifestyle and interest data let you reach out to potential customers with preferences matching your offerings. If you sell exercise equipment, you can reach out to fitness lovers.

Life stages draw upon mobile data and combines it with demographic information to generate audience insights. Run a pet store? Search out pet owners and present them with mobile marketing messages with a promotion for your latest products. Offer contracting services? You can connect with home owners likely to need help with renovations.

Mobile behavioral data is a powerful tool underutilized by many companies. If you’re frustrated with mobile marketing campaigns that miss the mark or fall short of your revenue goals, leverage this data to get the most out of your efforts. You’ll create an actively engaged audience ready and waiting for your products and services.


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