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Social Media Marketing For Interior Designers -- How To Do It Right

BY: Nguyen-Ngoan  |   June 19, 2018
Interior Design
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When 96% of marketers of marketers are using social media to drive business, you know it’s something you should be doing too. But how to do it is not always as clear.

Here’s a crash course on how interior designers can start leveraging social media marketing to engage audiences and drive conversions.

1. Have a purpose.

Before you post a single thing, you need to figure out what your marketing goals are on social media, otherwise you’ll never be able to know how well you’re doing down the road.

Social media is a dynamic tool, and can do a lot to help interior designers meet their goals, like:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Establish credibility and trust
  • Connect with your audience
  • Find new leads
  • Drive sales

Pick the ones that make the most sense for your business and keep them in mind moving forward.

2. Pick your platforms.

You don’t want to stretch yourself too thin, which is why you need to pick your platforms strategically.

Facebook: Still the number one social network, reaching 81% of the digital population, so a safe bet for any kind of business.

Pinterest: Great for sharing visual content, and with categories like Home Decor and Design trending, you’re bound to find your audience here.

Twitter: If you’re looking to connect with other interior designers and follow trends in the industry, Twitter is the place to do it.

Instagram: More personal than professional, but another great place to showcase your work.

Behance: A great place to connect with other designers and showcase your own portfolio.

Houzz: Similar to Pinterest, but more geared towards your industry.

You should also think about your target audience demographics (age, income, etc.) when picking platforms. The Pew Research Center has the data you need to know.

Social media profiles for your interior design business should be set up with just as much care and consideration as other listings of your business. But you’re a professional, so let’s assume you know how to do this. What you might not know how to do is create awesome content.

3. Create image-centric content.

Photos and images are essential for your social media strategy — research has shown that visual content by far drives the most engagement. And it makes even more sense because your industry is all about aesthetics anyway.

So get artistic and focus on creating awe-inspiring visual content based around your design skills.

Need some inspiration? Meet James Chapman, CEO of Bella Bathrooms. “When we started out in the already saturated luxury bathroom industry, we were surprised at how many of our competitors didn’t use visual marketing,” started James. “We figured it could be just what we needed to stand out and we gave it a go. We used images showing the exquisite home interiors of celebrities, even turning some of them into creative memes and infographics and sharing them in our blogging and social media campaigns. We went viral many times. It’s a no brainer.”

When brainstorming and developing content, don’t forget about the goals you created. Make sure all the content you develop can be traced back to them.

4. Engage with your audience.

As a business on social media, you need to make extra efforts to ensure to your audience that you aren’t only there to market to them. Nobody’s fond of a salesman, which is why engaging with your audience is so important to help you establish credibility and trust.

Respond to comments on your content, share great design info and tips, and repost content you think your audience would like. In other words — be social.

5. Leverage your influencers.

You can only gain so much brand awareness by sharing your own work. You have to find ways to get other influential social media users to share it as well.

The reason?

Influencers advocating your business are 70% more likely to be considered credible by others, and can drive 3-10x more conversions than your own marketing efforts. So seek them out — they’re easy to find. Build relationships with these influencers, share their content, and encourage them to share yours.

6. Find your ROI.

Social media marketing is a continuous task, but one you’re going to feel a lot better about if you can identify the real return on investment (ROI) you’re getting from your efforts.

You’ll use the goals you outlined to determine your ROI. Here are the questions you should be asking:

Increase Brand Awareness

Do you have more relevant followers? Is your content getting a lot of shares and discussion?

Establish Credibility and Trust

Are you getting endorsements/shares from influential people? How is your audience responding to these influencers?

Connect with your Audience

Is your audience responding well to your content? Is the content you share encouraging engagement?

Find New Leads/Drive Sales

Are your social shares bringing people back to your website? Are you getting more clients?

Social media is a great way to enhance your business, keep up on industry leaders and engage with your audience. Just be sure you have goals and a plan of action to achieve them, otherwise you might find that it takes too much time away from what you do best— interior design.

AJ Agrawal is an entrepreneur and marketer who helps venture backed startups and Fortune 500 companies optimize their growth channels.


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