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7 Organic Trust-builders For Natural Product Websites

BY: Nguyen-Ngoan  |   Oct. 17, 2018
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How to Build Trust to Sell Supplements and Organic Products Online

Do you trust me? Maybe not yet. And you’re not likely to use my services until we build that trusting relationship.

Our society is programed not to trust. We don’t give blanket trust to businesses or institutions. We don’t trust processes. We don’t trust advertising. Today’s customers can be pretty suspicious by nature.

So how exactly do you build trust with strangers if you sell on the Internet?

The answer is that we trust individuals. We buy from another person, not from a company, even if we associate that trusted person with their company

People say, “It’s not personal. It’s business.” But business is personal. It’s based on relationships, and relationships are built on trust.

Here are 7 organic ways to build trust in the anonymous world wide web.

1.) Trust develops over time.

Potential customers will begin to trust you if they see you are in it for the long haul, not for the short term gain. They will know that they can depend on you to do what you say you will do, and that your relationship (even if you never meet them in person) is based on mutual values.

That’s why having a newsletter or blog is so vital. It allows you to provide value and build that trusting relationship over time.

2.) We trust authorities.

By showing potential customers that you are the authority in your area of expertise, you help them build confidence in you and your products.

The absolutely best way to do this is to write a book in your area of expertise. It establishes you as the authority in your subject. After all, you wrote the book on the topic, and if a publisher trusts you enough to invest in your book, you must be trustworthy.

3.) Trust develops by familiarity.

Think about this: we tend to trust celebrities  and buy the products they push, even though we have never met them! Why? Because they are familiar to us. They appear on the big screen at our local movie theatre or in our homes on TV. They write books (mostly ghostwritten), are in our favorite magazines, and in the social media where we hang out.

How can you harness this powerful way to build trust? You can appear on talk shows or webinars that attract your target audience. You can write blog posts and upload them to their favorite social media sites, and respond to their questions and comments. You can speak at trade shows, events or conferences they attend.

4.) Trust is based on social proof.

If you’re looking for a babysitter, a hairdresser, or someone to renovate your kitchen, what’s the first thing you’re likely to do? Ask your friends and family if they know anyone who does a good job. Asking for referrals isn’t new, it’s the oldest and best way to find a service or product you can trust.

On the web, we look for social proof by reading the Amazon reviews of books and products. We check Google for more reviews before we spend our hard-earned money.

How can you use this powerful tool? Ask for recommendations on your LinkedIn profile. Encourage comments on your Facebook page, and have testimonials from satisfied clients on your website.

 5.) Trust is transparent.

On too many websites I review, it’s nearly impossible to speak to anyone at the company. The contact information is hidden behind an anonymous form, and you can’t find a phone number or email address. Would you develop a trusting friendship with someone who won’t tell you his or her address or phone number? If you want to help people trust you, make it easy for them. Post your phone number and email where it’s easy to see. And don’t make visitors jump through hoops by filling out forms.

6.) Trust is personal.

On the impersonal web, you become a living, human being by telling the story of your natural health company. Write an entertaining story about how you founded the company or created your products, and what it means to you.

Instead of a boring bio about where you went to school and which degrees you got, make it come alive by talking about your trials and tribulations. This will help readers connect with you.

You can also use video and audio to really connect with your viewers. Once they put a face to your name, they are more likely to buy from you.

7.) Trust is making your readers feel valued.

We all have the same basic needs: to have our physical and emotional needs met, and to feel important and worthwhile. We like people who make us feel valued. When someone shows warmth and a sincere interest in you, you probably think, “What a wonderful person this is!” Everyone is tuned to the radio station, WII-FM: “What’s in it for me?” Find out what your customers want most, and help them get it.

This could include showing videos to demonstrate how your products work, having a hot-line to answer questions, being accessible by phone, offering quick or low-cost shipping, giving specials to new or preferred customers, and much more.

Write your web copy as if you are speaking directly to your customer, not by using anonymous corporate speak.

Then connect, build trust, and prosper.

Need help connecting with your target audience?  Call me to see how I can help, at (514) 336-4339, or email: [email protected]
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