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17 Secrets That Motivate Natural Products Customers To Buy Now!

BY: Nguyen-Ngoan  |   Oct. 17, 2018
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Motivate your natural product customers by using Mother Nature herself

  • Use these secrets to motive your natural health customers to buy.
  • Ever wonder what your natural products customers really want?
  • Puzzled by why your web visitors flee instead of buying?
  • Mystified about how to turn visitors into customers?

The answer lies in people’s motivations. Do you think that people care that you have a new, smaller capsule? Or that you just celebrated an anniversary?

People don’t care about you or your company– unless it solves a problem or fulfills their needs or desires.

Luckily, you don’t have to guess at these needs and desires. Psychologists and researchers have been studying consumer buying behavior for years.

Most of these experts agree on eight common desires that are responsible for the majority of sales:

1. Survival, longer life, enjoyment of life

2. Enjoyment of food and drinks

3. Freedom from pain, danger and fear

4. Companionship, sex

5. Shelter, comfortable living conditions

6. Protecting and caring for loved ones

7. Social esteem and approval

8. Winning, feeling superior, keeping up with the neighbors

We can’t escape these desires. They are biologically programmed into each of us, and part of what makes us human. For example:

  • Can you shake your desire to eat?
  • Can you suppress your will to survive?
  • Can you stop caring if your children are safe?

These powerful motivators are based on Mother Nature. They are primary desires that are hardwired into our brains.

But other things matter to us as well. We want to look attractive, be healthy, be effective in our jobs, and be admired and respected.

Here are nine secondary wants, which are called “learned wants”.

1. Having a clean body and surroundings

2. Expressing beauty and style

3. Convenience

4. Efficiency

5. Dependability, quality

6. Economy, getting bargains

7. Profiting

8. Curiosity

9. Staying informed

These wants aren’t as primal because they are not part of the core psyche of our human programming. They are still important. You can mix and match them with the eight biologically driven desires to get great results in your sales copy.

Tap into one or more of these motivators. It’s like pushing a plug into an outlet and getting instant light – the go ahead for the “buy now” button.


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