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Meet Today’s 5 Distinct Mom Segments

BY: Nguyen-Ngoan  |   July 22, 2018
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The next generation of mothers have emerged and they are under more pressure than ever before. In addition to balancing work and family life, moms have the added stress of making sure they are keeping their children safe in our digital-focused society. Moms today have access to a myriad of online information including communities where members can address everything from the elimination of processed foods from their family’s diet to whether or not to vaccinate their children.

In a recent in-depth analysis, Experian Marketing Services identified five distinct segments of moms and revealed their attitudes, behaviors, motivations and media and consumer preferences. With these insights, marketers can effectively target and engage each segment with more personalized messages.

Breakdown of five distinct mom segments

1. Striving Moms

This segment accounts for 27 percent of moms. They are predominantly young, diverse, often single women who have confidence and aspirations of success.

Fast facts:

  • They commonly view money as the best measure of success
  • They are more likely to have kids under the age of five
  • They are tech-savvy and the segment most likely to say they need to be connected to the Internet from the minute they wake up until the moment they go to sleep
  • They have a keen sense of fashion and are tuned in to current styles and consumer trends

The Striving Mom segment

2. Conventional Moms

This segment accounts for 20 percent of moms. Although most of them have full-time jobs, family still comes first and faith plays an important role in their life.

Fast facts:

  • They are the most likely to drive an SUV or mini-van
  • While discretionary income is plentiful, they have little interest in shopping
  • They are active on social media; they like to post photos, write product reviews and read articles shared by friends
  • They often turn to prepared foods or simple recipes to put food on the table due to their busy schedules

The Conventional Mom segment

3. Alpha Moms

This segment accounts for 19 percent of moms. They are high octane lean-in moms, early adopters and trendsetters with full-time jobs and packed calendars.

Fast facts:

  • They wear designer clothes, drive the latest model car or SUV and have the latest electronics
  • They will do whatever it takes to keep a youthful appearance
  • The environment is important is to them, and they are supporters of the arts
  • They are heavy users of social media and leverage it to interact with brands and share opinions

The Alpha Mom segment

4. Modest Moms

This segment accounts for 16 percent of moms. Like conventional moms, they are family and faith-oriented but they have more modest means and prefer a simple life.

Fast facts:

  • They prefer to indulge their kids with the funds they have rather than buy shiny new gadgets
  • Family and faith are the most important things to them
  • Nearly one-third are stay-at-home mothers
  • Their main source of entertainment is watching television
  • They are heavy users of social media and leverage it to interact with brands and share opinions

The Modest Mom segment

5. Maverick Moms

This segment accounts for 18 percent of moms. They are independent trailblazers who are not afraid to make unconventional life choices.

Fast facts:

  • They are environmentally conscious, spiritual and prefer to buy organic and natural products
  • While they are the most likely to be stay-at-home moms, they are also the most likely to own their own business
  • They lead uncomplicated lives and use technology and social media with caution
  • They prefer to postpone purchases for special occasions and have no trouble saying no to their kids


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