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19 Beautiful HTML Wedding Website Templates 2018

BY: Nguyen-Ngoan  |   June 17, 2018
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Is the big day approaching fast? Make sure you inform everyone about it by creating a beautiful website using HTML wedding website templates. Once you have the date set, start building hype and showcase the whole preparational process for your marriage ceremony. Your close ones will love to stay up to date and enjoy all those gorgeous photos and videos.

Craft an awe-inspiring website for your commitment ritual which might be just short weeks away. Have some fun with it and turn it into an online project. Instead of informing everyone involved individually, hit them up with a link to your website. Not only will it be cool and possibly something new for your families, but you will also save time. Making calls and sending pictures might be very time-consuming. Save time with a stunning website and rather focus on the planning part.

For a couple to quickly find a solution for the union day, we ran a ton of templates through our ranking factors and pick only the most pleasant and functional ones. Guaranteed, you are able to create a gorgeous appearance with all the HTML wedding website templates. You can easily code these into a preferred content management system. For instance, you can take a peek at our selection of top WordPress wedding themes and save yourself even more time.


arlin html wedding website template
Go against the grain and keep your friends and family up to date on the big day with the help of Arlin. This remarkably responsive HTML wedding website template uses Bootstrap Framework, jQuery and CSS3 tools to give you everything you need for your ceremony. With the RSVP form, you get familiar with how many folks will attend your event and capture their emails to communicate directly to make sure everything is perfect.

In the Arlin package, you will find three different homes and additional five blog pages. You can use the later to fill literally with anything you want to share with your guests. As for the homes, you get a default, boxed and video background layout. Moreover, the integrated countdown timers keep all your visitors informed and ready for the wedding.


The Heart

the heart html wedding website template
Document and share your love with the world by creating a wonderful wedding website with The Heart. Let’s check out this elegant and stylish wedding website template in great detail. It is all you need to remember the most important day of your life forever. The Heart is a flexible tool that allows you to put together your own timeline, share his and her story and post a gallery full of your favorite pictures.

One cool feature of The Heart is the gift registry page. It is a page where you can let guests know the most important gifts that will help you begin your new life together. Feature your bridesmaids and groomsmen before and after your wedding and revisit this keepsake forever. But first, choose one from nine predefined homes and benefit from smooth animation and scroll.



mywedding html wedding website template
Instead of sending our classic wedding invitations, keep folks noticed about the nuptials with myWedding. In other words, craft a neat website everyone will adore and admire. myWedding is an entirely responsive and easily modifiable HTML wedding website template. It has numerous fantastic features and, most importantly, always keeps you in mind.

myWedding supports all the major browsers, like Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. Furthermore, make sure there are never any late arrivals with the built-in Google Maps feature. All wedding attendees are able to pinpoint the exact location of your ceremony and reception. They will all come and cheer you on as you walk down the aisle and begin the next chapter of your life.


Couple Heart

couple heart html wedding website template
With Couple Heart, you will never lose a wedding guest. While an HTML wedding website template by default, Couple Heart easily alters to other needs, too. But, of course, it is best to stick to the niche since you will get the most out of it. This impressive and powerful website template for wedding websites allows you to maintain an active online presence during the building up to your marriage.

The social feature of Couple Heart links your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds with your website and other popular ones as well. It does not matter how you fancy communicating with others since Couple Heart has got you covered in full.

Couple Heart has a total of 150 HTML files to suit everyone’s taste. In the bundle, you will also find a coming soon wedding RSVP form. Install it now and get free updates for a span of a lifetime. Keep your treasured memories on display with Couple Heart for everyone to see.



clarissa html wedding website template
When you are looking for a simple, nifty and modern web design for your website, search no further than Clarissa. Whether you are in need of a site for your wedding invitation or just a blog to capture the memories, Clarissa is the HTML wedding website template that takes all the hard work out of the equation.

Clarissa has eight main index pages predesigned, as well as blog and blog post demos. The tool is excellent for everyone who do not have any real HTML or JavaScript experience. On the other hand, Clarissa is also ideal for the professional website builders. It is very easy to dedicate Clarissa’s layout to your big day and stand out. By the way, the design also supports audio if you would like to play your favorite song for every visitor to listen.

You only get one chance at a perfect wedding and Clarissa helps you make it happen.



bodas html wedding website template
Bodas is a gorgeous HTML wedding website template for the big ceremony that is coming for you in the near future. It is a one-page layout with five color skins, a stunning couple timeline, countdown timer and an RSVP form. Besides, Bodas also has a categorized gallery section which you can use to entertain guests with lovely pictures. Also, do not forget to introduce bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Tempting parallax background effect and CSS3 and jQuery animations spice up the web design and make it even more unique. Bodas is based on Bootstrap Framework and uses Google Fonts and Font Awesome icons. Make the big day the most special day of your lives and start the hype early with a wedding website. Bodas allows you to do just that so make sure you take it to your advantage.



mylove html wedding website template
While MyLove may not be able to plan your entire wedding for you, it certainly can keep your guests up to date on all the plan you have for the big event. With all the stress that comes with preparing your marriage ceremony, having a simple to use help of an HTML wedding website template is a necessity. You sure cannot go wrong with the practicality of MyLove and its two awe-inspiring home page variations.

Add a countdown to your first page to make sure no one will have to guess when to arrive. On top of that, help them out with showing them the exact location of the even with MyLove’s integrated Google Maps. Moreover, fill in your friends and family with the people’s details section. And, most importantly, let them see your relationship from the start with your brand new photo (and video) gallery.


Lovely Wedding

lovely html wedding website template
Lovely Wedding uses all the new-age tools, like Bootstrap, HTML5 and CSS3, to make sure you get the finest wedding website template. It is entirely responsive to adapt to mobile and desktop devices instantly. Every wedding website that is put together using Lovely Wedding looks smooth and elegant. Invite friends and family to your commitment ceremony in a distinctive way. Instead of sending out personal invitations, send them a link to your page instead.

Along with well over fifteen predefined demos, Lovely Wedding also has blog pages, RSVP form, masonry gallery and sweet event’s details. Change the default color, autoplay your favorite song and write your compelling love story, you can do it all with Lovely Wedding template. If you are in a hurry, go with the content that is available and avoid building from the ground up.



weddy html wedding website template
Show your face to your fresh new clients with a super handy tool called Weddy. It is an all-in-one and effortless to use HTML wedding website template, packed with everything you need to take your business to the next level. Out of the box, you get six HTML pages of which three are enticing home pages. Fill the pages with your impressive catalog of services and shine.

Weddy’s web design is neat and clean for your current and potential new customers to stay up to date with your offerings. The included blog section allows you to share any important news that you want and even use it for content marketing. The full-width layout of Weddy looks phenomenal on all devices, from desktops down to smartphones. Let Weddy sort out your web presence and boost your wedding agency.


Wedding Invitation

invitation html wedding website template
Wedding Invitation is nothing else than an online invitation to your commitment ceremony. Go the extra step and make a page with this marvelous HTML wedding website template. In the Wedding Invitation kit, you will find several index pages of different styles and many more are dropping in the near future. With one template, you can hammer out a wide range of entirely different wedding websites which are all of the professional levels.

Some of the key features of Wedding Invitation are Revolution Slider, simple and circular timer, ticket booking system and multiple header styles. Choose between five color schemes, add a gift registry with a brand slider and benefit from the love story timeline. Approach the big day in a different way and create a website around it.



soulart html wedding website template
Wedding planners and photographer all around the globe are learning just how important Soulart is to their business. And if you are new to this tool, be ready to get your mind blown away by all its incredible characteristics. This modifiable HTML wedding website template lets you choose from three different front pages. Bear in mind, in the Soulart bundle, you get a total of eighteen HTML files. You can give your page the look that best suits your professional vision.

The creative and contemporary design of Soulart lets your customers know that you have what it takes to make their weddings perfect. Link to all your social media accounts and keep them informed on what is most important to you. Together, you will find the ideal approach to make the outcome of the highest standards.



bond html wedding website template
Starting with over nine home variations and numerous other features, the hype is strong with Bond. It is a powerful wedding website template which you will all adore a whole bunch. Whether you are building a page for someone else or for your nuptials, Bond is ready for it all. No matter how picky you might be, Bond is fully adjustable and quick to edit to meet your needs to the T.

All the required wedding pages are in the package with an addition of blog and online shop pages for the in-depth story you have to share and the gifts you dig. There are also two contact pages with Google Maps and a functional form, Instagram widget, RSVP and a newsletter popup. See Bond’s live preview and be amazed and moved with the fact how much you can do with it. In short, whatever comes to your mind.



shafira html wedding website template
You know what, why would you not want to let the world know you have just gotten engaged? Everything is moving online, including wedding invitations and events. It is one of the most important things that will ever happen in your life, so share it with all your friends and family in a convenient way. Do it with Shafira!

With the quick to edit and simple to maintain wedding website template, create a page and direct everyone to it. Let the folks inform about the big day and provide them all the details. With Shafira, you take all the hassle out of inviting everyone you know to the event. In just a few clicks, you can send out the invites and get your RSVPs send to you in a digital form. Build a spectacular wedding website today with Shafira and make an even stronger impression on your loved ones.



weddlist html wedding website template
Weddlist is something a little different compared to what you see in this collection of the best HTML wedding website templates. It is a wedding vendor directory template that comes handy for both suppliers and couples. Right off the bat, you get two homes and a selection of other inner pages. Map and listings, vendor profile page, couple dashboard and budget calculator planner, all these and more you will find in the Weddlist package.

If you are searching for a wedding directory, Weddlist could not be a better find for you. It has all the essentials and a lot more at your disposal. Every page and every element of Weddlist is simple to modify and tailor to your needs. To make using Weddlist even more uncomplicated, the included documentation will come extremely helpful.



pawiwahan html wedding website template
Pawiwahan keeps things simple and straightforward while you plan and organize your big day. The unique and entirely responsive one-page wedding website template comes with everything you need to keep your guests in the know. Direct them to the countdown timer and they will never again have to worry when the event takes place. Sending out a website as an invitation is a very smart approach to keep everyone informed about the big day.

This feature rich and customizable tool looks amazing on smartphones, tablets and desktops. With Pawiwahan, no one will ever miss a beat. And when the ceremony is over, make sure you do not forget to upload all your brand new photos and show them off for the rest of your life. No doubt, wedding is an important day so get it right with Pawiwahan.



weddingtime html wedding website template
Start the wedding time early with WeddingTime HTML5 one- and multi-page engagement website template. It is a tool many will benefit from. In the supreme bundle, you will discover over fifty HTML pages. Speaking of which, with WeddingTime, you have at your disposal different home, invitation, landing, contact and gallery pages. WeddingTime also offers twelve color skins out of the box and allows you to go with a white or transparent sticky navigation.

Full-screen slider with text and call-to-action button, on-scroll animations and content load, Instagram gallery and other decors make your website a special one. It is definitely a page everyone will remember and love returning to even after the wedding is over to check all the wonderful photographies. Let WeddingTime wedding website template take care of your web presence and help you appear in a lovable and sweet way.



liebe html wedding website template
We could say that Liebe is just another HTML wedding website template, but it is so much more than that. Built using Bootstrap Framework, the layout is responsive and fully mobile friendly. Perfect for all types of wedding focused pages, but ideal for an engaged couples who already have the date. With the countdown timer, you can let everyone know the exact second of the big “yes” moment.

Liebe template includes 2 headers, one with slideshow and the other one with picture wall. Furthermore, it has 3 ready-to-use color presets but you can freely create your very own. Try and incorporate you two’s favorite colors and make it very personalized. It is simple to edit individual elements of the template and even doing improvements. You might want to add something specific that represents you and only you. Flip through the thorough documentation and start making changes.

Google Web fonts, Google Map with a custom marker, flower illustrations and filterable gallery are Liebe’ goodies. Plus, there is a working RSVP wedding form with validation so you do not have to build one. For a one-page wedding event theme, Liebe template will do its thing and give your online presence a well-defined layout. All the required information, your story, blog and all the rest is gathered in one place.



glanz HTML wedding website template
There is almost nothing that comes as a challenge for Glanz template. With many available demos, you can construct a variety of websites within the wedding niche. From couples’ pages to business, like wedding planner, cakes and flowers, and gorgeous invitations and announcements. Find the demo that suits your needs and start adjusting the elements and modifying the layout to individualize it. Chances are, you might find one which already meets your expectations. In this case, the lucky couple will have their page ready even quicker.

Responsive and retina ready template, Glanz, appears elegantly and instantly adapts to any screen size. This calls for the best user experience which is especially needed when it comes to a page for a wedding. We know how glamorous and luxurious everything is at the actual event. Well, with Glanz HTML wedding website template, you will not distance yourself from it with your web design. Since the ceremony is still far away, it is your website which can prepare everyone for the big day. Use it not only to introduce yourselves, share your story and as an invitation. A page can also keep everyone up to date with what is going on over at your end at the current moment.



lovely time HTML wedding website template
A future married couple might want to share something special with their family and friends. They can take them on a pleasant journey with LovelyTime HTML wedding website template. With a website, you can share your story, how you met, your first date, first kiss, how he proposed and more. Special pages for groom and bride are great when you want to introduce yourselves in a fun and engaging way. Additional HTML5 pages give you more options when it comes to color, background pattern and header styles. There are enough variations to meet every taste. Still, the well-commented code makes editing the template a whole lot easier. Meaning, if you would like to change something, you have complete freedom of doing it.

Built with the Bootstrap Framework, LovelyTime template guarantees you to have a responsive and extensible website. Your engagement and wedding needs regarding web design are fully sorted. Sooner rather than later, you will be able to start sending the link to your astonishing page out to your family and friends. The kind of an invitation they probably will not expect. And that is definitely a big win for you two. A surprise here and there never hurt anyone.


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